What Kind of Watch Need Watch Winder

Rotating Watch Box
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Watches come with three different types of movements. The quartz, mechanical and automatic. So different watch need different treatment. If you tumbling over the question of what kind of watch that need watch winder or rotating watch box, you must know the different first.


Quartz is battery powered . It became super popular when they were introduced by Seiko in 1959. In fact, they almost killed the mechanical and automatic watch industry because they were so cheap and so accurate.  The only maintenance that you need is to swap the battery out every two years  or every five when the battery dies..


Mechanical watches are hand wound timepieces that use hundreds of tiny little mechanical parts to keep the watch running as long as it’s wind.  Now the major benefit of the mechanical watch over a quartz watch is assuming you maintain it, a mechanical watch will last for generations.


Automatic watch fall under Mechanical. The big difference between an automatic watch and mechanical are the former will keep ticking even if you don’t manually wind it. Using a weighted rotor which spins as you move throughout the day, the turns activates a system which keeps the automatic watch wound. Automatic watches have a power reserve. That mean, if it’s fully wound, it’ll keep running for a certain amount of time. 

Watch Winder

Now, as quartz need only battery and mechanical use only hand wound, the automatic watch can be hacked to always wound by using a watch winder. Its a device people use to winding their watch when they are not wearing the watch for a long time or if they had a couple of watches in their possession. By using a watch winder, you will have your watch storage in beautiful box that keep your watch wound.

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